Back to work.

Ok, now that the union vote is behind us and we are union free its time to start making demands and changing the company.

It’s always been in our heart to make these shops better, hands down. So here is our goal: now that we can, as they have said, communicate directly without a third party the company has to start making good on the new direction it’s promised the workers in exchange for their NO votes.

The key areas:

• Communication
• Mandatory overtime
• Policies

These are going to be watched very carefully and we have no reason to want PCC to fail, quite the opposite.

Overtime SO FAR has been improved, but for the record the slowdown in mandatory has been directly correlated to the IAM drive.

Communication: the election has brought on plenty of new comment boards and increased manager floor time for sure, which are working examples (if used correctly and not abandoned) of great tools. Again, we will see.

Policies: this is a big issue for many. The policy review committee they announced has yet to prove itself, but we will give it time.

Now the BIG one, this is something we have heard a TON, from pro union and anti union folks alike:

Earned Sick pay use will not excuse “occurrence”. (That we have 10 of before INSTANT termination) Employees are literally forced to use FML (family medical leave) (or drag themselves in) and wait weeks or months for approval and people who take attendance very seriously (as we should) are thrown under the suspicion bus, and at risk for discipline or worse.

Being here, and on time is CRUCIAL. But the policy that makes employees feel like they have to fight red tape and HR for basic fairness is a failure on the company’s part. They tout giving workers sick pay a benefit, but it only benefits us if we can use it.

Kevin Stein, here’s a direct challenge: No occurrences for use of earned sick pay.

It’s a start, were all on the same team now.