Precision needs to go GREEN.

goinggreenMistrust. Doubt. Fear. Skepticism. suspicion.

These are Precision cast parts most dangerous adversaries from this day forward.

We can almost guarantee the fact that the issues that started the campaign apply to almost every single worker, regardless of how they voted.

We are going to give Precision a big hint on how to win hearts and minds:

sustain   In the coming months, Precision cast will be rolling out several new systems for changing some of the policies we all have been griping about for years.  Most of us will most likely benefit, and feel a sense of relief over many of them, but as sparkling and new as they might be, they need to be put under the microscope to tell if they will stand the test of time.

We want to see changes that we KNOW are both beneficial for us, as well as sustainable for the company.  We know there can be solid changes and reform that work in both parties favor so we can start to set aside doubts as to which ones will fall by the wayside (Precision is an engineering company isnt it?)

We are going to see plenty of changed behavior, changed attitudes, and plenty more “hey! how ya doing today” from management, but the things that will stick (and in all honesty keep those 8% of NO votes from swinging to YES next time) will be lasting reform that makes SENSE, is SUSTAINABLE for the foreseeable future, and isn’t a rushed band-aid to keep people happy for a year.

You have had our time, our hard work, and our dedication for a long time, but Be prepared for our doubt, and plenty of our rolling eyes before you start to gain a drop of our trust.

Note: As most employees will already know, is that the NLRB has not OFFICIALLY certified the election results, and until it does so, technically PCC cannot make any unilateral changes to policies.